FFRI yarai

Next Generation Endpoint Security
powered by Proactive Heuristic Technology

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Terminate Ransomware
Prevent Advanced Persistent

Multi-layered FIVE core protection engines and hybrid security approach provides in-depth endpoint defense.

  • Application Protection

    The patented ZDP engine protect against Zero-Day vulnerability attacks in real time.

  • Malware Prevention

    Static Analysis and unique Sandbox engines monitor unusual programs at pre-execution.

  • Dynamic Protection

    HIPS and Machine Learning engines capture advanced malware behavior in real time.

Precognitive Defense can keep your Endpoints safe.

Eliminate various vulnerability attacks and malware threats
before damage occurs.

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Protect from typical APT attack by FFRI yarai.

Lightweight system footprint Simple deployment Intuitive management

  • Lightweight

  • Intuitive

  • No Signatures

  • Scaling