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Next Generation Endpoint Security

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Next Generation Endpoint Security

Going Ahead of Unknown Threats With "Precognitive Defense" Technology

Legacy Endpoint Security Is Not Sufficient

The “Pattern matching” detection used by legacy antivirus software distributes and applies pattern files to all systems after vendors acquire malware (malicious programs) and complete the process to analyze, create and verify them. The pattern matching method is not sufficient to protect against not only “unknown threats”, but also new malware that could be mass-distributed at once.

Next Generation Endpoint Security Solves It

FFRI Security has pioneered precognitive defense technology, which provides proactive protection against both known and unknown threats by extracting the “cause” leading to cybercrimes, assuming future attack methods, and taking advantage of machine learning technology.

Five Behavioral Detection Engines

Precognitive Defense can keep your Endpoints safe.

Eliminate various vulnerability attacks and malware threats before damage occurs.


Protect against typical APT attacks with FFRI yarai

Results In Action

FFRI yarai Track Record

Next generation endpoint security solution, FFRI yarai, has blocked various vulnerability attacks and unknown malware. Our track record shows malware detected and blocked by FFRI yarai. FFRI yarai’s detection engines can detect malware with versions released prior to exploitation.

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"FFRI AMC" Management Console For Simple Security Operation

Simple Management & Audit

FFRI AMC management console provides simplified security management to prevent known and unknown malware such as advanced persistent threats and ransomware.

No Additional Cost

No additional cost is required for FFRI AMC management console. Our simple EDR feature is provided as a part of the standard suite.

Information Leakage Protection and Efficient Security Monitoring / Operation for Entire Organization

Next generation endpoint security solution, FFRI yarai, offers flexible scalability from a small office to a large network with “FFRI AMC” management console. “FFRI AMC” allows for central management of clients FFRI yarai is installed on thereby providing features to support your administrator’s day-to-day operation, such as client management, incident management, sample collection, policy management, and whitelist management.

Main Features of FFRI AMC Management Console

  • Client Management
  • Central Management With Policy Distribution
  • License Management / Update Management
  • Incident Management
  • Windows Defender Log Management
  • Sample Collection & Log Collection Features
  • Intrusion Verification Feature
  • Device Isolation
  • Whitelist Registration Feature
  • Multi-Tenant Support
  • Single Management of Japanese / English Versions
  • Migration From Legacy Management Console “FFRI EMC” Using WebUI

"Threat Hunting, Removal, Isolation" – Simple EDR Features

Performing periodic checks to determine if there is a hidden threat within your organization based on latest threat information, visualizing it and generating a report simultaneously – Our EDR feature supports your incident response measure with its simple operation and block threats and affected endpoints in the event detection occurs.

Hunting Feature

By providing the threat information (malware hash value) to “FFRI AMC”, it verifies if the threat exists within your organization.

Response Feature

After malware is found by Hunting feature, our EDR allows to remove it and isolate the machine confirmed with malware.

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