• Precognitive Defense

    powered by FIVE core protection engines

    FFRI is committed to research and development of preventing the most advanced cyber-attacks and breaches.

    • Proven Endpoint 

      FFRI’s multi-layer protection platform has prevented well over hundred zero-day vulnerabilities without the dependency on signatures or 3rd party threat feeds. Safeguarding, over a thousand enterprise customers.

    • Hybrid Security 

      FFRI yarai can co-exists with legacy anti-virus solutions. Providing flexibility to leverage and fortify the pre-existing security stack, all the while preventing 0 days threats and sophisticated malware attacks.

    • Layered Endpoint 

      FFRI yarai’s five core detection engines provide multi-layered heuristic and machine learning to guard against most sophisticated cyber threats.

    "FFRI yarai, It Just Works.
    There have been no issues with it bumping heads with other programs. This really reduces the risk of anything happening."

    • Next Generation
      Endpoint SecurityFFRI yarai
    • yarai

    Minimal system footprint.
    #1 Defensive stack for over 1000 customers.
    Protect your endpoints and Prevent threats.