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FFRI yarai Home and Bussiness Edition Information Collection Policy



The FFRI yarai Home and Business Edition Information Collection Policy (“Policy”)explains how information collected by FFRI Security, Inc. (“FFRI”) via “FFRI yarai Home and Business Edition” (“Product”) from a user of this Product(“user”) is handled.

The contents of this policy are subject to revision without an agreement from an individual user. Please refer to the web page( from the latest policy contents.

It is deemed that a user agrees to the latest version of this Policy.


Ⅰ. Collection of information by Product

1Information to be Collected


FFRI shall collect the following information from a user using this Product in a form that does not identify a specific individual.  The information shall be collected via this Product and transmitted to FFRI server (“Server”).

1-1   User Attribute Information Registered upon Initial Usage of Product

Attribute Information not being able to identify a specific individual will be transmitted to the Server.

1-2  Use Environment of this Product

Information related to the hardware environment in which this Product is installed, Operating System, and applications concurrently running shall be transmitted to the Server.

1-3  Information Pertaining to Detected Files

Information Pertaining to malware or files detected as vulnerability attacks will be transmitted to the Server.

1-4  Operation Logs of Application

Operation logs of applications will be transmitted to the Server.  Operation logs include information useful for quality improvement of applications.  While such information may include personal information, FFRI will not identify a user using such information.


2.Purposes of Usage of Information Collected By This Product

2-1Improvement of usability of this Product operated on users’ machines

2-2Addressing problems occurred from the system operation

2-3Improvement of products and FFRI’s business development

Other purposes of usage shall be as described in Article Ⅲ.


3.Provision of Information Collected Via This Product To A Third Party

In no case shall FFRI collect personal information that may identify a user via this Product or provide the collected information to a third party without a user’s consent. Information collected via this Product will only be provided to a third party upon consent of the user after specifying the destination and the purpose of the provision; provided that the above will not be applicable in any of the following cases or in case of the following “4. Provision of Information Collected Via Product To Business Alliance Party/Business Outsourcing Party”.

3-1     In case there is a legal inquiry from a judicial or administrative organization, such as courts or police departments, or other entities equivalent thereto;

3-2     In case FFRI deals with breach of laws, regulations, the terms and conditions provided by FFRI or issues of normal social conventions;

3-3     In case it is necessary for protection of safety, rights and interests of users and other third parties; and

3-4     In addition to the above, in case provision or disclosure to a third party is admitted by the laws and regulations.


4.Provision of Information Collected Via Product To Business Alliance Party/Business Outsourcing Party

Notwithstanding the above provisions, FFRI may provide the information collected via this Product to its business alliance parties or business outsourcing parties and allow the same to be used for the alliance business or outsourced business to the extent of the above “2. Purposes of Usage of Information Collected By This Product”.  In such case, FFRI will include all terms and conditions required by applicable laws and regulations (including guidelines) in the relevant agreements made with aforesaid parties, and will make all reasonable effort to perform necessary and proper supervision.


Ⅱ. Support Service

FFRI shall provide a Support Service to a user who has purchased the Product, for the objectives of ensuring the proper and suitable use of the Product and assisting in the resolution of any issues that occur and are confirmed in use of the Product.

1. Information collected in the Support Service 

In conducting the Support Service, FFRI may collect user system information (information about system, services, tasks, network, drivers, installed Product, etc.), Microsoft Defender information, log information regarding the system and the Product, information on the Product settings, and other information in addition to the information described in I above. Other purposes of usage of such information will be as described in Ⅲ hereafter.


Ⅲ. Purpose of Usage of the Information Collected

FFRI shall be able to view and use the information collected through I-Ⅱ above at any time for the following purposes:

(1) For user support such as updates and maintenance of FFRI Product

(2) For improvement, development, etc. of FFRI product functions and quality

(3) For improvement in quality of FFRI services

(4)  For external disclosure including research pertaining to detected malware or  vulnerability attacks and commercial usage such as statistical data and malware analysis information

However, FFRI shall never provide user attributable information to third parties in any format that could be identified by other third parties.

Moreover, FFRI shall take the necessary and appropriate safety control measures to manage the information that is collected in I-Ⅱ above.


Ⅳ. Reference about Information Collected via Product

As to inquires, such as questions and complaints relating to the information collected via the Product, the following point of contact will handle the same:


FFRI Security, Inc.

e-mail: [email protected]


Revised on March 30, 2023

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